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Just got the units. Great products. Thanks again.     - Nathan R. 6/15/2018
So I broke down and bought the Flying Roofs tags, two in case I lost or damaged one. ​In our 17 yrs/200+k miles of driving Corvettes, I have not yet failed to latch the targa. Probably a good part of the reason is seeing stories like these every few months, reminding me that anyone, including me, can make the mistake.      - James D.  6/12/2018
great idea. just wish I could have saw my face when mine flew off.     -S.R.  6/11/2018
Installed mine today. Quality piece, cheap insurance against losing your roof. Thanks      - Mike T.  6/10/2018
Thanks!! Just ordered one. Cheapest insurance policy for the "flying roof" you can buy.     - M. 6/10/2018
I've been waiting for years for a product like this... Chevy still doesn't have a warning system letting you know if your targa top is unlatched. Great idea Flying Roofs! Would Recommend!        - Rob M. 5/29/2018
It's so easy to use, and I don't have to worry about forgetting to latch down my top ever again.     - Sarah S.  3/27/2018
I lost my targa top once, wish this was around years ago! I had to go to a   junk yard to get a new top and then have it repainted to match the car. Highly recommend!!!  - Bob C.  1/26/2018
This happened to one of my buddies, it cost him over $1000 to replace his top. Im glad for Flying Roofs!  - Tim R.   8/14/2017
I found this guy at the Palm Beach Outlets car meet in Florida selling these. After talking to him, I had to purchase one. It's scary to hear all the stories of what happened to people out there. Even if you say you remember, you might not...  - Steven M.     7/2/2017
I wish this was out years ago, great idea!  - Christine R.   5/26/2017
I always remember things especially with my car. But one day I must have been busy and forgotten because my top lifted off driving down the road and almost hit the car behind me. I cant imagine what would have happened if it did. Thanks Flying Roofs, this will never happen again!  - Roger H.
Highly recommend, easy to use and cheap!  - Jim V.  2/24/2017
Found this business card under my wipers at a car show. Normally I dont look at these things but none of the cars around me had one, after looking at the website, I realized why, haha. I decided to try it out... its awesome!  - Sam K.     -1/12/2017
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