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These are testimonials of real people loosing their roofs!

Most haven't heard of the "flying roof club" (FRC). It's real. It's also expensive, embarrassing and dangerous. The FRC isn't just for targa top owners, there are many T-top owners who have seen half of their roof flying; there are even a few convertible owner who have joined the club. If your roof has manual releases which gives you an open environment view, you are not immune to the FRC. Just type "flying roof club" into your search engine and read the hundreds of findings...
For those of you that don't follow Chris @ MyCorvetteLife, below are a couple of videos from his YouTube Channel.
Other videos found on YouTube:
Witnessed - Twice!
Yes, a convertible top.
T - Top Victims
Removable Roof Panels
Don't add your name to the thousands who have forgotten to latch down their removable top!
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