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Legal & Safety

Flying Roofs    is not a lanyard that will act as a physical restraint system. This device will not secure your roof to your vehicle. This device will not prevent your roof from lifting off of your vehicle if the roof is not properly latched down. 
Flying Roofs    is a manual notification system to let you know if your roof is not latched. If used properly each time roof is removed from vehicle, Flying Roofs    will notify you if your roof is not latched.
Flying Roofs    is attached to the release handle on your removable roof panel at all times and will not obstruct any viewing area through the side windows or windshield (unless your removable roof panel is not securely latched).
Flying Roofs    and is not responsible for injury or damages caused to persons, property, or vehicles if used improperly.
Flying Roofs    is marketed under Pugh Innovations, LLC - Patent Pending.
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