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About Us

The market has been empty for a product that will remind you if your removable top is not latched down. Welcome to the Flying Roofs    .

Flying Roofs     is a way to protect yourself and your investment. It will save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs. 

As the creator and owner of Flying Roofs    , I experienced a lapse in judgement which resulted in my Corvettes removable top lifting off of my car driving down the road at 45 mph. I am very careful and meticulous about everything I do in life, especially with my vehicles. I tend to check, re-check and triple-check what I am doing to ensure it was done properly.  But, no matter how careful we all are... I am, we forget things; and often the simplest things, like latching down your removable top. The example below is very general, but it is similar to what happened to me.

Let's say it's a beautiful day outside. The weekend is here, it's sunny, 78 degrees, and you want to get out and cruise. You walk to your car, unlatch your removable top and stow it. ​After you get back, you park your car, grab your removable top and put it back into place.  Next... your neighbor greets you and strikes up a conversation, or your mobile phone rings and you take the call. Either way, you were distracted from what you were doing... and forgot to latch down the top. 

The next morning you head out to work or for a few errands. As you are driving, you suddenly remember that you forgot to latch down the removable top... just as it lifts off the car and goes tumbling end over end end into the air. You see it land on the road from your rear-view mirror. The first vehicle avoids it, but the second runs it over. Or..... what if it didn't land on the road? What if it struck the vehicle behind you? What kind of damages would this cause? There are countless stories similar to the examples above in forums on the internet. These are things we don't want to think about. It can be costly and dangerous.

With Flying Roofs     , if you forget to latch down your removable top, and we all forget things from time to time, it will remind you. Simply wrap the hook and loop strap around your driver's side latch and the famous red and white Flying Roofs     Notifier will warn you if your top is not latched (when used properly - see the "Installation" page from the header bar).

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